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We want to buy your car, it's that simple

Yes, this is a one page website, why?... because... we like to keep things simple :). Keep Scrolling to learn more 

Fill out our appraisal form, this typically takes 5 minutes.

Receive your guaranteed offer email (usually within 15 minutes)

Choose how you want to get paid; Certified Check, Wire Transfer, or Cash


About AutoStreetUSA

After 20+ years of working in the retail auto industry, Chris,(founder of Auto Street USA, LLC), with the support of his amazing wife Paige (yes, that's us in the photo... we did not hire models), had figured there must be a better way for people to sell their vehicle.  The hassle of listing a vehicle online and then getting inundated with scammers and tire kickers can take a toll on anyone.   This led to

Auto Street USA.  A company designed to make it all much simpler.  If you are looking to sell your car/truck/suv... then we are here to buy and make it easier than you ever thought possible.

If You Still Have Questions, Chat With Us By Clicking The Chat Box :)

"Chris has been very communicative through the entire process and I really appreciate his urgency to get things done. I can see from other reviews, his business is trustworthy and professional. I would definitely recommend doing business with him, on top of that you’re supporting a family owned business which is always a plus! Thank you again for the quickness and professionalism :)"

"I sold a car to Chris and his team. It was an easy and efficient process and they were a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend them for your needs"

"This was by far, the smoothest, professional and quickest transaction by friendly staff that I've ever had! Thanks!"

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